Welcome to CoderOasis!

Welcome to CoderOasis!

First, let me personally welcome you to CoderOasis. We are a friendly, laid back technology news blog and community of people who love all aspects of technology. A lot of our articles mainly focus on web development and programming. Traven has a strong background in web applications, web servers, systems administration, and keeping all of it secure. He is basically the mastermind behind CoderOasis.

So, I see you have just signed up for a membership to my small technology blog! Welcome! There is snacks and drinks over to your left, a nice table to play board games on in front of you, and even a section of the room dedicated to gaming. So, you may be asking the benefits of joining the site, so here they are!

  • You gain access to the membership only content. A lot of this is to help you learn more about software, this aspect of programming or coding, and good to know general information about different topics which we cover.
  • You also gain the abilities to tell us what to write about next. What do you want to learn about more? What do you think we should post an article about next?
  • You will also gain a special role in our Discord Server. This will allow you to stand out from the community and show that you are awesome and interested in everything that we do here.
  • Paid memberships gain access to all articles before they are published live on the site. This allows them to give us feedback and see what we are working on for the rest of our awesome readers and community.
  • Paid members also gain access to our hosting platform! We are able to host a website, Discord Bot, or even a small game server for you. We do ask that you are considerate of the usage of resources for what you would like hosted.

Member Only Content

I see you are interested in our member only content when you were singing up for the site. So, allow me to explain that to you! Our goal with our content is to teach people different aspects of coding, programming, software, Linux, systems administration, security, and how stuff works in general. Pretty good goal to have, right? To show you some of our work, I will be listing right below some of our most well received articles from our awesome community.

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