About CoderOasis

Technology news on programming, cybersecurity, coding, and linux.

The Writing Team of CoderOasis wants to offer our community good reads about programing, coding, cybersecurity, Linux, web development, and so more. We strongly believe that teaching people the right way to code or industry standards to follow is best practices for people. We follow a security minded, performance driven, and good user design philosophy for everything we do.

We strongly believe that ideas within technology are always being changed, updated, rethought, and refreshed more and more everyday. Therefore we discuss a good variety of topics with the ever changing environment in the different technology fields that we cover as much as we can everyday.

There is always a new exploit or vulnerability that needs to be reported to the public. Plus, the changing nature of programming and coding needs to be talked about, weather that be how Java is still a major part of the world, or a new insight into data science has been made.

We also offer some services to our members, because we want to try to offer alternatives to our members from privacy breaking ones offered by Big Tech. We respect our members privacy, what they want in a service, and how it is managed by us. We will do right by the voice of our community.