Core Features

Check out the features that makes us different. We pride ourselves on our premium DDoS protection, backups, and support.

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Customer First Support

Are you having an issue with our website? Did you find a bug in the panels? Do you need help to choose a forums web application for your community? We are always here and happy to help with what we can with our awesome clients. Our goal is to help you accomplish your goals, grow your community, and use our hosting services to help you do it all.

We can also say if it wasn't for our awesome clients, we would not be where we are now. The CoderOasis Hosting Team is grateful for each and every client which we have, and we want them all to succeed and reach their goals.

Affordable Services

We absolutely hate the word cheap. We are not a cheap hosting provider. We made our services highly affordable to all clients possible by cutting down costs as much as we can while not sacrificing quality at any step of our hosting services. Since 2021, CoderOasis Hosting has been providing highly affordable and quality hosting services to the gaming and technology communities.

We will never cut a corner or sacrifice any level of quality of our services to save even more money, especially if it has any potential to hurt the quality of services we offer our awesome clients.

Premium Support

We love to provide hosting services to everyone around the planet. We strive to offer the best support possible, and to answer all questions one of our clients may have. We strive to keep our clients happy and have all issues solved, if they experience any issues, as fast as possible. We also understand that our clients love our prompt assistance when it is needed or requested.

The CoderOasis Hosting Team actively monitors all systems at all times to insure that we try to fix any issues that could happen before our awesome clients ever notice a bug, downtime, or DDoS attack

DDoS Protection

We provide up to 500Gbps worth of volumetric protection and have the capability to deal with over 600 million packets per second attacks. We pride ourselves on offering some of the best DDoS protection we can and keeping it affordable for everyone.

Our Premium DDoS protection is where a lot of our clients came to us for. We have managed to migrate a lot of attacks of 100Gbps to 350Gbps to our network without any downtime for the customer.

Open Source Lovers

We love open source. One of the goals of using CoderOasis Hosting Platform is for your hosting solutions is that we support and use as much free, open source software to run the company on. We also love to shout out open source projects which we find awesome, unique, or worth taking a look at.

Supporting open source supports small to big developer(s) with their teams. Open source software, in our opinion, is more secure, high performance, and has a way better user experience than proprietary from our experiences using both types of software.

Privacy Matters

Back in 2013, Edward Snowden showed the world how bad the online surveillance and bad behaviors of corporations are, but privacy matters to the CoderOasis Hosting Team above everything else. We take our clients privacy very seriously. When we deploy a new part of our software or website, our main focus in on how secure the software we offer is to our clients. We do not compromise security.

We are always learning new security standards, updating our software with all security patches, and keeping our eyes opened for new 0-day exploits or vulnerabilities that could effect our clients in any way.

Operated by Gamers and Techies

We do not have accountants or a business degree running this business. When you talk with any of the CoderOasis Team members, you are talking to a real person who loves gaming, technology, anime, science, mathematics, history, or some geeky/nerdy subject. We are also well versed in our skills of either web development, systems administration, networking, programming, and the other required skills to offer our clients the highest quality service we can.

We are also gamers who love to play Minecraft or talk about how bad the PHP language is in our community. We are always opened to a good conversation or to teach people some of our skills.