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With our premium support, DDoS protection, and weekly backup offerings, we are the right choice for your hosting platform.

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Are you looking for hosting that doesn't just take your money and leave you high and dry? We offer hosting that beats the competition in almost any aspect that we can offer our awesome community that we have built here.

Our hosting services originally started as a small, private hosting provider for a few small Discord Communities which wanted their website hosted, a Minecraft server or two, and other small projects for those communities. We mainly focused on the Minecraft aspect of the hosting industry, because it seemed to be the most popular service we could offer our awesome clients during the early days.

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CoderOasis Hosting Plans
Choose between our 8GB Plan all the way to 32GB Plans for hosting. All plans include premium support and DDoS protection.

The first year was us growing due to word of mouth only. When we started to offer premium services at an affordable price, then we started to grow way faster. The premium services we offered was managed databases that ranged from MariaDB to Redis, the latest hardware for half the price of competition, and our technology based community on Discord to backup our support and to offer the best experiences possible to our clients.

Now today, we are offering limited number of products which we optimize to perform at their peak performance with being security-minded, performance driven, and user experience friendly as can be.

Choose from our core set of features such as our Premium DDoS Protection, Premium Backup services, or even one of our Managed Database solutions that meets all of your needs at a highly affordable price for our awesome members of the CoderOasis Community.