Deno 1.43 Released: Language Server Performance Boosts

Deno 1.43 Released: Language Server Performance Boosts
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Deno 1.43 is now released. Deno is known as a good alterative to the JavaScript and or TypeScript Runtime by providing good enhancements to the language server. It is also known for speeding up auto-completion performance and improving on high memory consumption applications.

Deno 1.43 was released last week – on May 1st, 2024 – and, can be access via the deno upgrade command in the terminal.

The Deno Land Developers have reworked a lot of different aspects of the Deno Language Server. They can commonly be called or referred as Deno LSP. The runtime provides auto-completion in the editor and other capabilities. With the newest release – meaning Deno 1.43 – auto-completion now takes less than one second! This also means super large applications included for this performance gain. Previously, in applications, it would take between five to ten seconds. As for the memory consumption issues, projects that had out-of-memory errors in the LSP will now operate without issues from now on.

This release also brings two improvements for the JSX transform. Developers are now able to use the jsxPrecompileSkipElements compiler option. This is to prevent an element from being precompiled to allow passing additional properties to it. Also, a new jsxImportSourceTypes pragma and compiler option allows for specifying types for automatic JSX transform. This is considered useful to use with libraries that do not provide their types

Deno 1.43 also addresses compatibility with NodeJS and NPM with key improvements around node:worker_threads and node.vm modules, both of which are used in test runners such as Vitest and Jest and in tools such as Docusaurus.

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Other Notable Improvements

  • The new deno serve subcommand allows developers to write servers in a declarative way.
  • The Deno Standard Library, deno.std, is moving even closer to being to a stable release.
  • Support for V8 caching, also known as bytecode caching, can significantly improve the time an application spends on parsing and compiling JavaScript modules.
  • Updates to deno.serve() allow developers to get information if the response was sent successfully or if there was a failure using the Deno.ServeHandlerInfo.completed promise. Also, the AbortSignalcode attached to the Request argument always will be aborted when a transaction finishes, whether by the client closing the connection or the server sending the response.
  • A good quality-of-life improvement makes it way easier to get the server address from Deno.serve. Developers can add a new addrcode property on the server instance.
  • With adding a new Web API, URL.parse(), it offers a simpler control flow when developers need to be able to parse URLs.
  • Developers seem to not be able to wait for the planned Deno 2 release, breaking changes for Deno 2 have been put behind the DENO_FUTURE=1 environment variable for right now. JavaScript/Deno Developers can enable it to test compatibility of a project with Deno 2.

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