Angular 18 Coming Soon: Deferred Views & Built-in Control Flow

Angular 18 Coming Soon:  Deferred Views & Built-in Control Flow
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The newest release of Angular – which is Angular 18 – is planned to be released on May 22nd, 2024. This is Google's super popular TypeScript based webapp framework that allows developers to create amazing web applications. The features, changes, and goodies of this release are deferrable views and declarative control flows moving from being a developer preview into a stable release.

Deferrable views – which are also very well known as @defer blocks – can be used in component templates to defer the loading of select dependencies within the template. This is to reduce the initial bundle size of the application.

Declarative control flow is a new built-in syntax for control flow that brings functionality such as  NgIfNgFor, and NgSwitch into the framework itself (as @if@for, and @switch respectively). This will allow developers to conditionally show, hide, and repeat elements as needed.

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Other Noticeable Features

  • Zoneless change detection is a brand new capability being introduced in Angular 18. Change detection now will operate without intermediaries like zone.js.
  • Angular DevTools now has hydration and debugging support. Angular DevTools also supports multiple Angular apps running in iFrames.
  • Default content is enabled for ng-content.
  • Unified control state change events are enabled.
  • becomes the new docs website. Visitors to will be redirected.

Angular 18 follows the November 2023 release of Angular 17, which previewed control flow and introduced hydration to restore the server-side rendered application on the client.

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